What's the difference between an order form and the shopping cart?

After you have set up your products and services in Infusionsoft, you will then need to decide how you want to sell them. There are two ways you can sell your items:

  • Order Forms
  • Shopping Cart with a Store Front

There are benefits and limitations to each and it is important that you choose the option that will be best for your ecommerce needs. (Keep in mind you can combine the two options.)

Example Shopping CartExample Order Form

If you have several products and want one central place to sell them, then the shopping cart would be a viable option. You can build a storefront inside of Infusionsoft that will allow you to bundle products, offer discounts and up-sells, offer payment plans etc. Integration with your website is possible if you know basic HTML codding and CSS.

If you sell only a couple of products, Order Forms may be the best way. With an order form, you can sell only one product and/or one subscription.  For example, if you have 5 products, you would build 5 order forms.  Like the shopping cart, you can create a look and feel using basic HTML and you can offer two payment plans.  The form can include your specific marketing message and sales copy.

You may also use a combination of both the shopping cart and order forms.  For example: You may have a couple of products that you want to highlight on their own, and instead of incorporating them into your store front you can create an order form.

The shopping cart and order forms are hosted by Infusion and can be accessed via hyperlinks.

Look at the chart below for a comparison of Order Forms and the Shopping Cart

Order FormsShopping Cart
Allow forced continuityYesYes
Seemlessly integrate sales copyYesLimited
Upsell opportunitiesLimitedYes
Customizable look and feelYesYes
Customers can browse other productsNoYes
Can use PaypalNoYes
Can limit viewing other productsYesNo
Allows customer receiptsNoYes
Can use a StorefrontNoYes