What is WishList Member?

WishList Member is a powerful solution for creating an online membership site – all built using WordPress as the core content management system.

I had previously noted some problems with WishList and Infusionsoft. So, I decided to give it another try after their new release. I installed WordPress 3.2 using Headway's 2.0.11 theme and WishList 2.60.977. I must say I was very impressed. The setup was smooth and painless. I went into Infusionsoft and with just some minor adjustments had them linked together and communicating. If you are looking for a membership software, WishList deserves to be considered.

WishList is priced at only $97 for one domain or $297 for unlimited domains.

Purchase their multi-site license and receive:

  • Two Custom Membership Themes
  • Top 5 Membership Modes Audio
  • "Plugins that Rock" Webinar
  • Over 300+Membership Icons


  • WishList still uses a cron job.
  • WishList wasn't built EXCLUSIVELY for Infusionsoft, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of InfusionWP, but it is definitely back in the ball game.


UPDATE: I am currently rebuilding this site using WishList Member. I have WordPress 3.4.1 installed with Thesis 1.8.5. Setup has been fast and pretty simple. I'll have a demo ready soon.