What is Customer Hub

I had heard about CustomerHub but didn't have a lot of experience with it. So, I signed up for a free trial and started setting up a new site. CustomerHub makes it easy. There are videos for each step.

CustomerHub - Protects your content
It allows you to create membership pages and set permissions regarding which members are allowed to view which pages. CustomerHub hosts the pages for you. This is especially beneficial in regards to updating credit card information. It eliminates the need for you to purchase an SSL certificate.

CustomerHub - Create rich multimedia
Upload your video or audio to create a rich membership experience.

CustomerHub - Automate your subscription process

No need to worry about your members needing to subscribe to different levels, update their billing information, or any of the other mundane office processes. The system has a customer self-service center leaving you free to take care of your business.

CustomerHub - Leverage Infusionsoft
It manages your membership list, permissions, upsells, and more all from inside Infusionsoft.

CustomerHub - Discussion forum & Support
CustomerHub integrates with Tender Support allowing you to offer a membership forum and support desk to your customers.

If you are looking for a membership software, I'd recommend you look at CustomerHub.

CustomerHub - Cons

  • You build your website inside CustomerHub's platform. If you leave CustomerHub, you loose your website.
  • You do not have access to the thousands of themes and plugins built for WordPress.

**Yes, those are affiliate links. When I find a good product, I join their affiliate program.