Segmentation: Don't Be a Master Blaster

Learn about proper email segmentation and why it works.

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At one time or another you have probably gone into your Infusionsoft application and sent a few "blast" emails to all contacts.  When you do this, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to get more sales, or higher open rates.  Whichever your goal is, proper segmentation in your Infusionsoft application will help you target specific audiences who are in need/want of your services and reduce your spam complaints.

Why Segment?

Sending irrelevant content to the wrong audience will cause those subscribers to either unsubscribe to ALL of your email campaigns or worse yet, click their SPAM/JUNK button within their inbox. Utilize Infusionsoft's built-in tools to great success by narrowing down your subscribers into cohesive, well-organized sections. By implementing good segmentation practices, you can keep track of different buying trends, how many free-report or newsletter subscribers you have, and which advertising resources (lead sources) generate the most revenue.

Segmentation will not only help you in targeting your specific audiences, it will also keep you organized throughout your Infusionsoft application. Categorize your templates, follow-up sequences, tags and lead sources.  For this article, we will discuss segmentation of people for purposes of better email marketing.

How to Segment-Tags

Any web form you create in Infusionsoft gives you the ability to set up a series of actions. This means that when someone visits your website, fills out a form and clicks a button, Infusionsoft is going to work in the background, tagging the person, starting the correct sequence of emails, sending out a confirmation email, etc.  Every action set you create in Infusionsoft should at least include tagging.

Tagging is a way to label everyone that gets added into your application, whether it be by web form, or by manual creation. EVERYONE should have a tag.  You can create as many different types of tags you wish, and you will eventually garner hundreds (normal).  For optimum organization, you should also categorize your many tags, so they are easy to find. For example, here is a list of sample tags organized by category:


  • Free Report-Back Pain
  • Free Report –Heart Health and the Foods You Need
  • Free Report –Yoga and You
  • Free Report-What’s in a multi-vitamin?
  • Free Report -Training For Men
  • Free Report -Training For Women


  • Inactive customers 2007
  • Canceled –Yoga Services
  • Canceled-Yoga Cert Training
  • July 07 focus group
  • Service satisfaction –Thumbs up
  • Service satisfaction-Thumbs down
  • Health Info summit


  • Hearth health past 50 07/08
  • Getting the most from nutrition


  • Infusion Health Conf 08
  • Infusion Health Conf 07
  • Maximize Health 03/07
  • Maximize Health 05/07


  • Nutrition eBook
  • Exercise All-in-One kit
  • Winning Nutrition for Athletes
  • Essential Nutrients for Men
  • Essential Nutrients for Women
  • Omega Flax Seed
  • Raw Cashews
  • Raw Almonds
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Evolve Classic Mat
  • Comfort Towel
  • Eco Comfort Mat
  • Eco Align Ultra Mat
  • Coastal Albacore Tuna
  • Fleur de Sel


  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Month to Month


  • Go Health
  • Arizona Heart Association
  • Yoga and You Center
  • Central Art Museum


  • Basic Yoga Cert
  • Intermed Yoga Cert
  • Adv Yoga Cert
  • CPR beginner
  • CPR advanced
  • Nutrition 101

Everything in Bold is a category, and the items underneath are the specific tags. With Infusionsoft tags, be as specific as you possibly can when you are naming the tags. 

Instead of sending a "blast" email to your entire database, pick and choose different segments and send information and marketing content to those that would be interested in what your sending, per their expectation. In the above examples, you may not want to send an email promoting the upcoming Infusion Health Conference to those that gave you a "Thumbs down" on your service. If you are sending out a promotion on Men's Nutrition products, you may also not want to send that to those who have purchased Women's Nutrition Products. Your content should vary based upon purchases made, newsletters/free reports requested etc and should be tailor-made to fit each specific group of contacts.

How will segmentation help me?

According to research done by Marketing Sherpa in 2008:

"Open rates for segmented versus non-segmented campaigns are 12.4% higher on average for the first 30 days"


"Click rates for segmented versus non-segmented campaigns are five times higher the last 90 days of the year".

by segmenting your data, you can increase your open rates, prevent unnecessary spam complaints, and build a solid reputation with your customers and prospects.


Reprinted from: Infusionsoft Fusebox