Improving Double Opt-Ins With Infusionsoft

Why do you send out a double opt-in? Probably because someone has just filled out a form on your website for a free report or some type of information.

That is the perfect opportunity to get your new visitor to happily double opt-in.

Double Opt-In Email 1:(Don't do this)

Dear Bob,

To make sure you get all of my emails, I need you to confirm your email address. Please click on the link below to be confirm your email address:

<<link here>>


The Company, Inc.

Some people will click the opt-in link, but most won't. Why should they?

What did they fill out the form for? That's right... the free report!

Double Opt-In Email 2: (Do this instead)

Dear Bob,

You are just one click away from downloading your Free Report. Please confirm that you’d like to receive our emails by clicking the link below

<<Click here to download your Free Report and confirm your email>>


The Company, Inc.

You just gave the person the perfect reason to click on the e-mail confirmation link because that's how they will get the free report!

Now on the double-optin page in Infusionsoft, insert the download link for the free report.

To learn how to modify your opt-in procedures, contact our support team.