iMember360 Gets New Website

iMember Website
As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant since 2008, I have used a lot of membership plugins. I started with aMember, then InfusionWP, WishList, and Customer Hub. My favorite is iMember360. I love the new iMember360  website!

If you haven't tried iMember360 yet, sign up for free and use indefinitely up to 20 Users!

iMember360 has been around since 2009... and going strong. Since then, it has defined and redefined what membership sites can and should be.

Today, we see industry leaders using iMember360 to do much more than just manage access to content by a few subscribers. For example:

  • With its "capture and track" capabilities, it's often used as a sales and marketing tool, using visitor behavior to convert quickly.
  • It's Zero-Click Upsell feature makes it a favorite among those who want to convert an email link into an instantaneous sale.

With well over 400 shortcodes, modules, hooks, filters and functions, it provides all the tools needed to customize, individualize and automate every page in a WordPress site. Yet, for all its power, features and ease of use, iMember360 remains the fastest plugin in its class with the smallest memory footprint. Often imitated and reverse-engineered - even copied - iMember360 is still the innovator leading the imitators.